Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why Unix?

This post is all about why Unix, and not something else. For all of you non-geeks, Unix is the base of an operating system, like MS-DOS. I'm sure that EVERYONE has heard of Windows XP, or Vista before. That is based on what is called DOS. Way way back when there was only text on computers, DOS, Unix, and other operating systems were created, so the computers could be used. Today, we no longer see the text unless you go to a command line like "Terminal" in mac and linux, but everything that you see and use is based on that text.

I am not here to say what is better, as everyone has there own opinions, but here to ask you to give Unix a chance, and not ignore it like most people do. First off, the only operating systems that use MS-DOS is, well, MS-DOS, Windows 95, and all other Windows versions up to date! This has been the most popular operating system, and the most prone to getting viruses, and being hacked.

Unix is the second most popular operating system available. There are some huge advantages to Unix. There are HUGE amounts of operating systems that are based on Unix, which gives you a much larger choice to get exactly what you want. Macintosh is based on Unix, and is quickly becoming as popular as windows. Another name that people may know better than Unix, is Linux. Linux is another rising operating system. Linux is not necessarily an operating system itself in most peoples eyes, but a base that allows customization easy for programmers. There are definitely hundreds if not thousands of different Linux distributions (or distros) out there to choose from.

That' it for this post, but more will be comming soon. Come back to read up on why you might want to switch, and how easy that it really is to install, even if you want to keep your copy of Windows running also!

If you have any more questions, or comments, or ideas for upcomming posts, let me know!


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