Saturday, August 30, 2008

Psystar Counteruses Apple!

I don't know how many of you know about the open computer company Psystar. They are a company that sells "Open Computers". They claim to be able to install Operating systems from Windows, to Linux, to even MAC! This apple un-licensed computer has really been sturing up the mac communities. The Mac fanboys are mad I'm sure, the OSx86 project websites are worrying about being shut down, and the Psystar customers that have Mac on their computers are very concened.

On Apple's side, they say that Psystar broke the "End User License Agreement" (EULA), which is true. Apple's EULA states that Mac can only be installed and used on "Apple Labled Computers" which makes people wonder if throwing an apple sticker on their system will make it legal. Asside from that, Psystar seems to know the legal system pretty well too. Psystar says that the ELUA is illegal from the start because it prevents competition, which it most certainly does. So where does this put us, and where do I personally stand on this topic?

I personally agree with both sides of the arguement. I own a Macbook Pro, and I love it. Apple's slogan is "It Just Works", which is very true. Mac and Apple hardware were designed for each other, unlike PC's and Windows, and Linux. This makes it harder to make it as stable as Mac on Apple computers because they know what they are working with 100%. As for me on Psystar's side, I also agree. I think that Apple should release Mac to PC's too leagally. I am not saying that they should make it for the x86 platform, or to even support it at all.

I do however want the ability for people to install Mac on unsupported systems and still be legal. That means no disk hacks. They must make their hardware support it by adding or emulating EFI. As long as people can do that, than it should be legal. This would be great for long time PC builders, people looking for a cheep Mac, or just a great learning experience. I don't think that this would be as big of a hit on Apple's sales as they would think.

Most people would be faithful to Apple enough to at least buy one system (with hardware and all) from them even if they wanted non-Apple hardware. Even with the OSx86 community, many of them have Apple hardware computers also. I personally would love to build a desktop and install mac legally on it. That's $130 USD that's Apple's that they wouldn't have because I can not afford the Apple desktop that I want.

If Psystar wins, Apple may get more buisness from me,because I love mac, I just can't afford the hardware. I would still buy Accessories from them, and of cource the OS. This is just my opinion on this. I think that Psystar has the win here, though I understand why Apple did it. You tell me what you think! Lets see how this plays out too. Maybe building a Mac will be a legal dream soon too.


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