Friday, October 10, 2008

Mac keyboard!

Today I am going to post about something different. Bear with me as I am still getting used to typing on my iPod touch so I may make mistakes. I will most likely do a review on this later. My quick review would say get one now though. Onto the mac keyboard! As I was shopping at a local Best Buy I found that there was an open box Apple keyboard so I saw $10 off and had to get it. It's quite amazing. I have had it for less than a day and I am already loving it. There are two (non-powered) USB ports on the sides for mice or flash drives. Hey are great for everything but plugging my iPod touch in to charge. Oh well I have a wall charger. It's a lot more keys than a standard keyboard too. It has upto F19. It's Apple. What do you expect? It's nice having a numberpad sence I am usually on a a Macbook Pro. It's currently in my Ubuntu server as it looks nice sitting there in a pc case next to the monitor. It works for ubuntu plug and play too. No complaints there. It would not be a gamers first choice but works gear for all OS's not just macs. It you like a good looking keyboard go check one out. It's east on my eyes and makes even my old computer turned Ubuntu server look nice even. And it's on an old CRT monitor. If out have any questions or have something that you want me to blog about or review let me know at!


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