Monday, October 13, 2008

Ubuntu Server

I'm being lazy and putting off the iPod review even though I'm typing this on it too. Today it's all about Ubuntu server edition. I am by no means a Linux guru at all. I'm actually not even great at using everything that it offers. I can tell you that Ubuntu is worth giving a try even for people that never used Linux before. Server edition is a bit harder but by no means dificult for most people. It's been running fir a while and still VERY relyable. I use it mostly for file storage because it is fast to get the files even on an old pos computer. It runs all command line so it's very easy to remit manage with SSH on a Mac, Linux PC, Windows with some open source software or even an iPod touch! If you have any old computer lying around and an Ethernet cable and a power plug you can have your own server up and running in less than an hour. You will need a keyboard and monitor for initial setup but after that it can hide anywhere and work great with only two cables in it. Learn a few simple things like apt-get, sudo and you can pretty much get going. It's not really a toy if you want it to keep running because once setup is done there is very few reasons to go back in other than monitoring disk space and such. It makes a good server for mail, FTP, samba, proxy and much more. I would give it a look if you can fin any computer that you don't use. You might a well get some more use with what you paid for and with free software it Makes it even easier. Are you there yet? No cd burner you say? They ship free CDs. 64 bit PC that you want to use? They have a version for you too. Now get there. Really...

Edit by JoshuaK: Versions of Ubuntu Server are usually available soon after a main release for SPARC, PPC, PlayStation 3 and HP PA-RISC architectures at this address.


At Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 4:24:00 PM EDT , Blogger JoshuaK said...

Hmm... not bad. You know you dont need an ethernet cable... you can be WI-FI, great for if you have no ETH or if it is a portable laptop... Google it... i couldnt find it but i am in a rush at the moment... :)


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