Wednesday, October 15, 2008

iPod Touch

It's finally time for my iPod touch review. I couldn't find the time that I wasn't playing on it to review. Well I'm still on it typing this. I was always one to look for only free software on computers. Well at first I was the same on my iPod. I can say that the money spent was well spent. I now have two games, Spore and a crash racing game that I JUST downloaded an am wanting to play. I can say that Spore was 100% worth it. I am not done with it yet but I would have to say it's worth the money. There were some things that I had to get like an IM, IRC, and SSH. I had to need things all upercase. LOL. But really the IM was free and the other two were under $5 for both. As my Mac is in the shop this makes a very good replacement. There is nothing that I am missing that I can think of. I'll do a follow up review later but as of now this is the best.


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