Monday, May 25, 2009

Frets on Fire - Guitar Hero's Little Sister

Ever gotten SICK of paying 50-60 bucks for EVERY Guitar Hero / Rock Band game or Downloadable that comes out? I have an answer! It is the second best thing to having GH/RB themselves, but it has its high share of faults. Its name? Frets On Fire. This is a short post as I have little time to worry about working on this post but it will cover the main points of the game.

In short, the game is written in Python 2.4. The original game was created by Unreal Voodoo and was modded several, several times to get to the main version we have now, Frets On Fire X or just FoFix. It (FoFix) can be themed to look like Guitar Hero, Rock Band or any theme availible. Animated Stages like in GH/RB are avalible but usually not per-song, and not even used much for a global setting. Otherwise, it just shows an image or a blank color. It supports Guitar, Bass, Drums and any song you want, and if it is not already made for the game you can request it or make it yourself. The latest Beta version, 3.120 I believe, supports characters (Like Home, Guest etc) with different settings and avatars and different controller settings for different instruments. Want FoFix? Go to Want songs? Go to, register an account and go to Tune Posting. Other than that... comment if you need help, as I'll respond (or someone else will). Enjoy and go burn some frets!


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